Sound Salvej


Marco’s Sound Therapy sessions helped me to look inside my patterns and natural vibrations during everyday life, as well as during the session. The vibrations, sound and rhythm helped my body and mind give in as well as to listen to new pathways. Marco allowed me to hone in on specific body areas to link and understand the connection between them and my emotions, and then how to change them if I want. (Rosie)Pan tools 3

The first time I experienced a sound bath with Marco I was blown away. I had felt my body convulse with sound before, but this moved me in a very different manner and seemed to align a connection between my physical, emotional and spiritual self. I felt my being stretched the length of the room and then further still, much to my conscious amazement, and I then felt this energetic body lifting and twisting like a rope in powerful wind. The rest of this session for me was full of colours, lights and other precise visual hallucinations. I left with a lightness of body and spirit, radiating with a brilliant energy and rejuvenated enthusiasm, and with a clarity of mind, having made some difficult decisions very easily whilst in the session and become aware of some important questions.I have since experienced a number of Marco’s sound baths and each time has been very special. On one occasion, I felt incredibly high for days afterwards. On another, as I was healing from a severely broken ankle, I became acutely aware of the detail in the injury, which very much helped me reconnect with my body.I would highly recommend Marco to anyone. (Annabelle)


I was really stressed about my work. I had three session with Marco and those helped me to release tension in my body and to relax a lot.The sound also helped to see more deeply into myself, something that I realise also few weeks later to the treatment. It really changed my approach to daily tasks and it was a enjoyable experience that I can recommend to anyone. (Dario)

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I was lucky to experience one of Marco ‘s sound bath session after a Yoga class at Trip Space in Haggerston. I was lucky again when Marco mentioned he was looking for subjects to work on and write his thesis. At the time I was quite stressed for no apparent reasons and had great difficulty sleeping. The vibration of Himalayan bowls, gongs or Crystal singing bowls seemed to break the molecule of stress within me. They also seemed to transport me to a place I felt I was floating,  very much like when you float on your back in the water. So much so that I inevitably fell asleep!At the end of each session I felt lighter, cleanse and more Zen. (Lily)

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I felt that I drifted off into another realm with some of the sounds making me feel expansive and light whilst others brought me back to earth, making me feel very grounded in myself. I always leave Marco’s feeling a sense of calm and togetherness. (Cat)


Marco’s masterful use of tone and frequencies led my conscious and subconscious on a rejuvenating journey that left me feeling refreshed.The sound bath with Sound Salvej was a much needed break from the city.  The tonal progressions eased me into a relaxed state of being that allowed me to let go of my stresses and come away feeling as if I had gone on a mini vacation! (Glenn)

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