About the Session

The sessions are held in various spaces and venues, and according to this the sessions can vary in price. One-to-one sessions are held in a dedicated room in my studio located close to London Fields in London Hackney. Sound baths venues depend on the number of the participants involved in a particular session, but to give you an indicator, I can hold a sound bath at my space for a maximum of three people. I can also bring my instruments to a designated venues of your own if need be.

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One to One Sessions

– The first one-to-one sound therapy session lasts one and half hours and is comprehensive of case history, diagnostic scan and therapy. The cost for the first session is £45

– Subsequent sessions will be more than an hour long and will comprise diagnostic scan and therapy. It will cost £30 per session.

– Extra discounts will be available, for example you can buy four subsequent session for a price of £25 a session.

C&H Bowls

 Sound bath and Gong Therapy

– A Sound Bath lasts for approximately 1 hour, during which I play Gongs, Himalayan singing bowls, Crystal Quartz singing bowls and therapeutic percussive instruments.

– I can hold a sound bath for three people in my space, and the rate will be £15 per person.

– Sound bath in larger spaces for more than three people will be charged at £10 per person for a minimum of ten people.

– A sound bath for one person will be charged at £30, and I recommend this as an introduction to future one-to-one therapies. For information and details please contact me via phone or email.

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